I would like to commemorate our unique experience of tangling together through COVID-19 with the Denver Botanic Gardens noon Zoom sessions with this project. So many of you let me know how much comfort the Zentangle® drawing method has offered you, and I’m glad that I’ve made “tangling addicts” of many who participated. Most of all, I’m grateful that we could connect as a creative community (globaly) during the craziness of this terrible pandemic. Thank you for inspiring me with the works you shared – and just showing up faithfully for our mini Zoom sessions. I think we all found comfort in each other. Thank you for this experience. I will never forget it!


This class includes a video lesson with a kit sent to you so you can construct the book when you have finished drawing your content. Your kit includes, 22 Bijou tiles, one decorative paper, four Tangle Tags, handmade leather cover, three instructional files, and one instructional video. The handmade journal cover is lasered on fine, full-grain, Italian leather, treated with atom wax for a supple finish, and burnished edges. You can choose between two colors; beige and brown. Be sure to download your digital files within 30 days, after which they expire. Free shipping. Note - your kit will automatically ship to your billing address unless you instruct us otherwise in an email to Botangle@outlook.com.

Bitty Book of Comfort Video Class/Kit (Rose Pattern)