November 11, 2020



$55 Some supplies/shipping included


“Mighty oaks from tiny acorns grow.” Maybe they won’t grow from these felted acorns, but what a fun project this is!


There is so much symbolism packed into the oak and its acorn; strength, potential, and endurance to name a few. Give a friend or family member one of these little beauties and watch their face light up with joy as you tell them which of the above you gift them with.  You have plenty of time before Thanksgiving to get a bunch felted so you can scatter them on your dining table as décor, party favors, or add to a pretty bowl, bringing the outdoors into your house. There is nothing more beautiful than nature’s treasures. This is a combo of both an actual acorn “cap” and your own felted pod.


I will send you acorn caps for five felted acorns and plenty of extra wool for you to make more on your own. I will tell you where to get the wool roving needed to make even more, if you are as obsessed as I am. You only need to provide glue, soap, hot and icy cold water, and elbow grease. We’ll explore lots of possibilities of displaying your tiny treasures too. See linked file for details, sent upon purchase. Class limited to 12. Children love to felt. They are welcome to participate for free with an adult who purchased this class.

Felted Acorns On-line Zoom Class

$55.00Price - Estes Park, CO