Our serving boards are laser-engraved on your choice of a large (20" x 8.25" x 0.69") or small (14" x 8.25" x 0.69") acacia board with the "Pinewood Poppies" design--drawn from a beautiful field ablaze with blood red poppies blooming in Pinewood Springs, CO, in June 2010. Papaver rhoeas, also known as the common red poppy, the corn poppy, field poppy, and Flanders poppy, is only one of 120 species of poppy that grow worldwide. The original was drawn on mylar with colored pencils on two layers: the background grays and the colorful poppies in the front. That's the advantage of working on the transparent mylar.


Choose one or the whole set. The full set of two is discounted 10%.


The cheese boards are treated with tung oil for a warm glow and hard finish. Botangle© strives to use sustainable materials when available.

Pinewood Poppies Serving Board


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