July 25, 2020

1:00pm - 3:30pm

Let me be as a feather-strong, with purpose, yet light at heart, able to bend… — Anita Sams

This feather project will strengthen both your drawing and color-layering abilities. Annie Reiser, certified botanical illustrator and Zentangle© teacher will share basic techniques for drawing, shading, layering colored pencil, and finishing your piece with subtle highlights. There is a “recipe” to drawing most anything, and the “stylized” feather recipe taught in this class will set you on your way to creating many more feathers of different styles, shapes, and colors. Annie will provide practice sheets and step-outs for you to work with before starting on the final plate. We will use Arches 140-lb hot press watercolor paper. All materials (2 handouts, 6 premium colored pencils, 1 Micron pen, paper, covered foam core board for your drawing surface,) and shipping are included in the price. See photo of the kit you will receive for this class. Limited to 12. Please sign up by July 19 to receive materials in time for class.




Fine Feathers- 7/25 A Lesson in Drawing, Shading, & Color-layering


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