Classes and Shows

Hi! My name is Annie Reiser. I am a certified Zentangle® teacher and botanical illustrator. I offer Zentangle and other art classes in the Boulder-Longmont-Estes Park-Denver area for groups of all sizes. My lessons are customized to your needs ranging from private, in-home lessons, small art groups, classrooms, to corporate team-building settings, conventions, and conferences. ​To flex with the COVID-19 outbreak, I started offering on-line classes using the Zoom platform. 

If the classes below don't fit your schedule, I will work to find a time that accommodates your needs. Minimum of six students for custom classes. Prices vary according to class type and materials cost.

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See below for detailed class descriptions

Intro to Zentangle®: Includes Materials 

Coming again this fall.

Annie Reiser, certified Zentangle,® (CZT) teacher enjoys introducing others to this meditative practice of mindful drawing; a technique using basic pen strokes to form patterns that can be combined into intricate designs. The beauty is that no drawing experience is required! If you can make a dot, a straight line, a curved line, and a circle – you have all the skills you need. Relax, and focus as you learn the philosophy and creative “ceremony” of Zentangle®.

The Zen of Paradox: Includes Materials 

Coming again this fall.

This Zendala tile stars the tangle pattern Paradox, by Rick Roberts, co-founder of the worldwide Zentangle® art movement with Maria Thomas. The project is a “monotangle,” meaning that the entire piece is comprised of just that one pattern, Paradox.


In this class you will step out the pattern on a provided “Tangle Tag” and learn about what happens when you place the pattern in different directions to create beautiful meta patterns; a column or a fan shape. It is pure magic!

You will learn to shade with colored pencils, layer colors, and burnish them for a stunning result. You will be working on a pre-strung contour that provides the basis of our design. Enjoy the Zentangle process of creating beautiful art, one step at a time. Beginners as well as advanced “tanglers” welcome.

Crazy Cadent

Coming again this fall.

Have you already learned the Zentangle method and want a challenge? Annie Reiser, certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) can't wait to show you Crazy Cadent, a Zentangle pattern from founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas. It provides an enjoyable lesson with all the typical meditative benefits. Learning this "monotangle" (based on Cadent) will sharpen your line and shading skills and give you a stunning "centerpiece" to add to any Zentangle drawing. It's beautiful enough to stand alone. We'll be working up the step-out with a provided Tangle Tag for your library of favorite tangles.

Fine Feathers-A Lesson in Drawing, Shading, and Color-layering - A Two-Part Class

Coming again this fall.

Let me be as a feather-strong, with purpose, yet light at heart, able to bend… —Anita Sams


This feather project will strengthen both your drawing and color-layering abilities. Annie Reiser, certified botanical illustrator and Zentangle© teacher will share basic techniques for drawing, shading, layering colored pencil, and embellishing your piece with subtle highlights. There is a “recipe” to drawing most anything, and the “stylized” feather recipe taught in this class will set you on your way to creating many more feathers of different styles, shapes, and colors.


This is a two-part class. First we will learn to draw and shade the feather with the help of Annie’s step-out, provided to you electronically. A week later we will finish our feathers with the color-layering techniques Annie learned as a botanical illustrator. See the supplies list for what you’ll need to create your fine feather.

Pandemic Posies

New this fall.

What better way to bring comfort to someone during the COVID-19 pandemic than with a beautiful hand-drawn posie. These Zentangle posies use organic tangles and are limitless in possibility. I will teach you how I construct my bouquets and you can copy me or use your own favorite tangles in this project. This is a two-part class. First we will learn to draw and shade the posies. A week later we will finish them with the color-layering techniques Annie learned as a botanical illustrator. See the supplies list for what you’ll need to create your beautiful bouquets.

Tangled Ribbons

New this fall.

Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, founders of the Zentangle drawing method designed this project that is so much fun! Learn to make perfect ribbons with ease and fill them with tangles; borders, and fragments. In this class we will work up a black and white version of tangled ribbons, shade them, and then discuss various ways to color our creations. For a change we will be working rather large - on an 11x11-inch piece of hot press watercolor paper of your choice.

My Bitty Book of Comfort Kit - Tangling Through COVID-19

Video Class and Kit

New this fall.

I would like to commemorate our unique experience of tangling together through COVID-19 with the Denver Botanic Gardens noon Zoom sessions with this project. So many of you let me know how much comfort the Zentangle® drawing method has offered you, and I’m glad that I’ve made “tangling addicts” of many who participated. Most of all, I’m grateful that we could connect as a creative community (globaly) during the craziness of this terrible pandemic. Thank you for inspiring me with the works you shared – and just showing up faithfully for our mini Zoom sessions. I think we all found comfort in each other. Thank you for this experience. I will never forget it! This class includes a video lesson with a kit sent to you so you can construct the book when you have finished drawing your content. More details to come… - Estes Park, CO