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Destress with a "Cruffle" Bouquet

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

Many of you may already know my ties to the Denver Botanic Gardens' School of Botanical Art and Illustration Program are strong. I received my certification there as a botanical illustrator and was a former core teacher in the program. I still offer elective classes there from time to time.

I am pleased to announce that I'm working with the program during these difficult COVID-19 days of "social distancing" to offer you free Zoom sessions on drawing basic Zentangle® patterns. We'll start with a pattern devised by certified Zentangle® Teacher Sandy Hunter called "Cruffle." It's one of my favorites! Using that basic pattern, we'll draw a small bouquet for you to keep or give to someone to brighten their day during these difficult times.

Here are the details sent from the School of Botanical Art and Illustration if you'd like to join me in this relaxing activity:

Next Wednesday, April 8th, 12 PM Colorado time (Mountain Time, US and Canada) we are offering a specifically tailored, 15-min free Zentangle® Zoom session for you to join and relax:

Join Annie Reiser, certified Zentangle® teacher ( for a free 15-minute workshop to learn Zentangle® basics. The relaxing Zentangle® drawing method promotes mindfulness through the incorporation of patterns and shapes to create beautiful artworks. Best of all, you don't have to be an artist to learn or enjoy the process!

Simple supplies needed: fine point pen (ball point pen, Sharpie or Pigma Micron are great); pencil and paper. A Q-tip, finger or blending tool will help with shading.

You do need to hurry with the free registration though, as this workshop is limited to 100 participants. You can register in advance by following this link:

- and please if you register and cannot make it, there is a link to cancel, please do that and you give your seat to another person.

I hope we can all stay connected with these sessions. In the meantime, stay safe, healthy and be creative!

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