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Mountain Strong

This has been a challenging year to say the least. Add wildfires to the mix and those of us living in the Western US that was ablaze much of the summer have really come to understand the phrase, “Mountain Strong.” Our little tourist town of Estes Park and our beloved Rocky Mountain National Park were affected, but we are lucky to report that though the park will carry severe burn scars for years, firefighters and emergency management personnel did a fantastic job of protecting us, mitigating fires, and keeping them from crossing town limits. With the onset of colder weather and some snow, we are feeling safe again. Thank you to the thousands of men and women who defended our town and park!

To commemorate our resilience, I’ve made an ornament that I call “Ram Mountain.” It’s my original design inspired by the Swiss paper silhouettes that I saw when visiting Switzerland. My marching animals reflect the wildlife of the Rocky Mountains instead of alpine cows. The mountain range at the top features Estes Park's view of Long's Peak. I’ve also created a beautiful acacia hardwood serving board with the same design.

This holiday season, please consider supporting your local businesses, like our small family-owned- and operated company. We were hit hard by COVID-19 as we couldn’t participate in our usual arts and crafts shows for the whole year. We have high risk individuals in the family and just couldn’t take a chance on meeting the big crowds that come to Estes from all over.

Our ornaments are still deeply discounted and would make the perfect gift for those who love our little town and especially for those who have lived through this challenging time. We are resilient! Shop for other unique gifts at, made from our hearts and our hands right here in Estes Park, Colorado. Check out the ornaments here.

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