• Annie Reiser

It's Official - Home Studio Classes have begun!

This June marked a new milestone for me and my Botangle business. After many months of preparation, I offered the first class from my home studio in Estes Park. It was a celebration to remember with lovely ladies who added sparkle to my day as well as to the beautiful gemstones they created. We started with a step out of tiny red glowing gems and moved on to the final larger gem that most didn't finish embellishing in class. That's because we enjoyed an extra long break with a Zentangle cake with ice cream and coffee and tea on the warm summer day. For me, it was the perfect start to what I hope will be my full-time focus in the near future. I've been putting up new class offering on my website, that you should check out. More to be added this weekend! Thank you ladies for celebrating this special occasion with me!

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