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If you follow our blog, you will know that exciting things are happening in the Botangle world. The business has become a family affair and since we last wrote, we (Annie, Rolf, and Christie) have been working hard to create a product line with our new laser engraver "Zing." The start of this all was purely serendipitous. When Christie was in Colorado in July helping me expand my Botangle business, the sign I had ordered for my front gate, as a marker to my home studio, arrived. We were blown away by how beautifully my "Swirl of Life" design translated onto the laser-engraved wood. That got us thinking. . .

Did you know that we have one of the best laser printer manufacturing companies in our back yard? We quickly scheduled a sales visit to Epilog in Golden, CO. Not only could we laser cut and engrave on wood; but leather, glass, fabric, and metal, etc. are all possible with a Zing. Our minds were racing with the product lines that we could create!

On August 4, Rolf and I headed down the mountain to Epilog where we picked up our Zing laser engraver. It was a good omen that our order was ready for pick up that day - our 37th Anniversary. No flowers for me - but a premium tool to let my Botangle business blossom!

The rest is history. It's September and the three of us have been connected at the hip for weeks, working on perfecting our process, getting the right supplies to create what we have in mind, and working up our ideas. Take a look at our fruits.

This is just a start. More exciting ideas will emerge as we plug along!

Most of our products are signed with our "chop." This is our family signature.

As a thank you to our readers, we would like to offer a 10% discount for the Grand Opening of our online store. Please use the coupon code: GRANDOPEN upon checkout to receive the discount. This offer is valid until 9/30/2017.

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