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Braggadocio: There is nothing more rewarding to a teacher than to see her students excel

Braggadocio or braggart; one who boasts about achievements or possessions, according to Webster. Call me a braggadocio, because today I have to brag about one of my students and her incredible creations.

Flip back to my blog post from June when I wrote about my studio grand opening.

Several lovely ladies christened my studio with a “gem tangles” class. Two participants were sisters and recently one of them wrote to me, showing me the gorgeous gem tangles her sister created after that class. The artist herself was too humble to share them so her sister stepped in. Am I ever glad that she did! Barbara’s miniature Zentangle artworks, adorned with hand-painted gemstones need to be seen. “Thank you” Mary Ellen for sharing Barbara’s work that others might draw inspiration from it.

My challenge to you is to take a look, get your pens and colored pencils out, and try one yourself!

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