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A Wildlife Welcome!

This Estes Park Elk is bugling out a hearty Happy New Year and welcoming 2018 that we hope holds many wonderful surprises for you!

I can't believe I let December get away without a post. Well- maybe not. was all consumed with getting ready for the Estes Park Holiday Market just before Thanksgiving and dealing with the followup (a good thing.) Then came the always crazy-busy holiday season. I hope you enjoyed good times with family and friends as we did. Now it's time to slow down, reflect, redirect, plan, and push forward to a new start.

That sense of new beginnings in January makes my mind race with creative things I want to do. Here is a small start for We've added some of Rolf's incredible wildlife photos to our journal line. Engraved on the fine leather we use, especially the light Italian veg tan, the details pop. The resulting image has a texture you just want to touch; pet that pretty bobcat or grab the bull elk by the antlers! These animals (photographed with a sensitivity that illuminates their nature) can become your personal pet when journaling, note taking, sketching, etc. Watch for these new designs and others to be posted as journals to our website shop.

Another new development, by popular demand, is that we are also soon filling our leather covers with high-quality, multimedia sketching journals, an option to the traditional writing style. Because I do a lot of nature journaling, sketching, and Zentangle drawings, I was pretty picky about my choice. The paper has to hold up to graphite, ink, paint, and glue, and open flat. If you're an artist, you will appreciate the 100-gsm (grams per square inch)

acid-free drawing paper that has a linen-like finish, and is stitched into a binding that lies flat when open.

Soon you will be able to "build" your own journal by size, color, insert, and with or without pen loops.

A new journal is a great way to start a new year to hold all those things you plan to do!

Or treat yourself to a new look with a pair of earrings.They are currently deeply discounted.

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