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Tangle U and Me!

This month I am reporting on the exciting opportunity for me and to participate in Tangle U, held this year in Portland, Oregon in April. Tangle U is the premier continuing education event for Certified Zentangle Teachers or CZTs. This year it featured 20 hours of classes and extra workshops, and I was honored to be selected as a core teacher. As such, I was invited to take part in the other core classes taught by "rock star" Zentangle teachers that I have admired for years from afar. Here is the teacher line up:

Eni Oken - The Art of the Interrupted Line Brian Crimmins - Dynamic Dingbatz Sampada Agarwal - Tangled Chalk Art Kim VanZyll - Tangled Linen Panel Marie Browning - Forest Park ZIA (ZIA stands for Zentangle-Inspired Art) Annie Reiser - Charming Tiny Tiles (That's me!)

Here are the results of my classwork that will be the basis for future classes.

I taught the class "Charming Tiny Tangles" and here are some photos from our sample:

Here are just a few of the beautiful class results:

We used Bijou tiles from Zentangle as our charming tiles, embellished with handmade "dangles." You can view the "how to" for the beaded dangles here.

Not only did I teach and learn at Tangle U, but my daughter Christie and I loaded up our truck and drove from Colorado to the venue so we could take part as vendors. We had a great time sharing our products with Zentangle enthusiasts since many of our designs are rooted in that style. We are thankful to the attendees who supported our effort beyond our expectations. We made many wonderful contacts and some like-minded new friends.

Christie at the booth with CZT Caroline, all the way from Ireland.

Happy mother and daughter team.

This was such an amazing and positive event, and it would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of both my daughter Christie and my husband, Rolf, who are my "partners" in I thank them for giving their all for literally "nothing" at this point, other than the satisfaction of seeing our business grow and doing what we love together!

If you're local, look for our booth on June 4 at the Estes Park Monday Artisans Market along the riverwalk in the middle of town.

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