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Ram for MAM

Hints of aspen gold, cool mornings, and humming birds dwindling; these are all signs that summer is yielding to fall. We will celebrate summer's end with our final show for the season at the Estes Park Monday Artisan's Market (MAM) tomorrow, August 20.

I painted this Rocky Mountain icon; a big horn sheep mount to attract visitors to our booth for the first show. It's hard to believe that this last show for us is already here.

My ram at MAM did draw in many who had questions about our artistic process and then took a look around our booth. It's been a positive experience and so much fun talking to visitors from all corners of our country and even abroad. It feels good to know that our creativity is finding expression in the homes of people from Nebraska, Texas, Illinois, New England, Ireland, Estes Park, Germany, France and more!

My favorite sale was to a six-year old girl who took her time looking at everything in our booth and deciding to spend her hard-earned dollars on one of our small "Swirl of Life" cheese boards. It was a toss up between that and a tiny engraved music box. "What are you going to do with the cutting board," I asked as she proudly handed me her greenbacks that grandpa was safe keeping in his backpack. "Use it in my play kitchen, of course!" she replied.

We have enjoyed the support our locals have given us and would love it if you came by once more; we are unveiling a few new things. Otherwise, look for us this October at the Treasure Tables arts and crafts sale in Estes Park.

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