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A Red-Letter Day and a Red-Leather Day!

December 31 marked my recent “red-letter day” as it’s the day I retired from my 20-year career at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA. The “red- leather day” corresponds to that milestone because now I have more time for our business. We create unique gifts with original designs using a laser engraver on wood and leather products, all created with our hearts and hands. Today I’d like to introduce you to one of my favorite lines, the things we make with exquisite, hand-dyed, red leather. Believe me, dying leather red is no fun task - messier than even I care to tackle. But the results are worth it!

I have always been drawn to red leather; maybe because that rich color evokes images of some of nature’s finest treasures like raspberries, cardinals, poppies, garnets, rubies, red heads, Merlot, and sunsets to name a few. Add red, with its emotional, intrinsic value, to a piece of the finest full-grain leather you can get, and the results are compelling. Our “Swirl of Life” art and writing journals are unique and beautiful. But in red, they are rare and stunning! Red makes our leather critters more playful and our business card holders more attractive, and who can resist our red feather earrings?

Swirl of Life writing journal.
Red Buff/Bison/Bull

Leather Business Card Holder

Leather Feathers "Wispy"

Leather Trilobite Earrings

I think you can tell that I’m hooked on red. Visit our online shop to see what red things might entice you and make an extraordinary bold statement with one of them like our unique sculpted "Trilobite" earrings, or our chocolate brown Mandala art journal with a bright red center.

Mandala Art Journal

Now that I can devote my full attention to our arts and crafts business, you’ll see some positive changes on our website, more social media posts, and more class offerings, as well as a schedule of our shows. So raise a glass of Merlot and toast with me to the beauty and deliciousness of red!

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